New Batch Centrifuge Provides Greater Accuracy for the Chemical Industry: Introducing the New STM-3000 Top-Unloading Vertical Basket Centrifuge

Robert Sinnard, Director of Sales & Marketing
Western States Machine Company
+1 513.863.4758

[Fairfield, OH, U.S.A. - May 13, 2015] - Western States introduces the NEW STM-3000, a top-unloading vertical basket centrifuge. The STM-3000 is the ideal solution for small scale processing.

The STM-3000 is available with two different baskets: perforated and solid decanting. It comes standard with an easy, full opening, gas, spring-assisted curb top to access and remove filter screens and bags. Each centrifuge comes standard with a 6 inch diameter curb top site glass for the visual inspection of the centrifuge chamber. With a welded stainless steel base and heavy-duty casters, the STM-3000 is designed for easy sanitary clean-up, maneuvering and portability. Additionally, the STM-3000 comes standard with a 500 pound capacity, 360 degree rotation stainless steel davit crane for easy extraction of filter bags and basket change outs.

"According to current trends within the chemical industry, the STM-3000 Top-loading Vertical Basket Centrifuge is important because it fulfills the need to process smaller batches which provides greater accuracy and easier handling of the product," shares Donald Meineke, Director of Engineering at Western States.

For more information regarding the STM-3000 please contact Jeff Sheriff, Area Sales Manager, Chem/Pharma Division at 513.863.4758 or visit our website at

About Western States

While Western States’ originated to develop and manufacture improvements for centrifugals in the sugar industry, expansion occurred in 1950 to include centrifuges for non-sugar industries including the separation of fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since its humble beginnings, Western States has grown to become a global supplier for both the Sugar and Chem/Pharma industries, with more than 6,000 centrifugals installed world-wide.

Founded in 1917, Western States is the only remaining United States-based sugar centrifuge/centrifugal manufacturer (machines utilized to separate liquids from solids). Brand names include Western States, Roberts Centrifugals, and TITAN. Additionally, Western States is a distributor for Riera Nadeu, S.A. located in Barcelona, Spain.

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