Western States Announces Marketing Alliance with Riera Nadeu, S.A.

Robert Sinnard, Director of Sales and Marketing
The Western States Machine Company
+1 513.863.4758

[Hamilton, OH USA - June 1, 2012] - The Western States Machine Company is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic marketing alliance with Riera Nadeu, S.A., Barcelona, Spain.

This collaborative agreement provides for the marketing, sales, and service of Riera Nadeu products in the Americas. It also provides a reciprocal arrangement to Riera Nadeu for Western States products in Europe and North Africa.

According to Bob Sinnard, Director of Sales and Marketing for The Western States Machine Company, "This new partnership allows Western States to provide additional products to our Chemical and Pharmaceutical customers in the Western Hemisphere including Horizontal Centrifuges, Flash Dryers, High G Tubular Centrifuges, and Particle Size Reducers.”

Their Continuous Vertical Centrifuge also allows us to provide separation solutions to our customers who have continuous chemical processes.

Riera Nadeu, S. A. is an established 60-year-old company that designs, produces and markets high quality separation equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The respective company's product lines and geographical markets are highly complementary.

About Riera Nadeu, S. A.

Riera Nadeu, S. A. is a leading company in Spain and a world leader in the design and manufacture of Centrifuges (of all types and sizes and for all types of materials), Super-Centrifuges, Instantaneous Turbo-Dryers and Turbo-Micronisers. Riera Nadeu, S. A. has consistently demonstrated great flexibility and responsiveness in the service of its customers, applying its experience and expertise while providing efficient and solid service backed by a full guarantee.

They are located in Barcelona, Spain and can be reached via the Internet at www.rieranadeu.com.

About The Western States Machine Company

The Western States Machine Company is an established, 95-year-old company located in Hamilton, Ohio that designs, markets and produces high quality centrifuges and separation products for the sugar, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Western States Machine Company was founded in 1917 to develop and manufacture improvements for centrifugals in the sugar industry. In 1950, Western States expanded its centrifugal line to include centrifuges for non-sugar industries including separation of fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since its inception, Western States has grown to become a world-wide supplier of centrifugals for both the sugar and non-sugar industries, with more than 6,000 centrifugals installed.

They are located in Hamilton, OH and can be reached by telephone at 513.863.4758 or via the Internet at www.westernstates.com.

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