Western States Announces New North American Sales Manager

Larry Haubner, Director of Sales and Marketing
Western States Machine Company
+1 513.863.4758

Western States - Jeff Stohr[Fairfield, OH, U.S.A. - June 14, 2017] - Western States has promoted Jeff Stohr as the new North American Sales Manager. His territory includes the entire North American Sugar Market except Florida and Mexico. With more than 30-years of experience, Stohr has worked at Western States for over ten years, nine of which have been spent travelling the globe as a Field Service Technician. With his "hands-on" experience and technical expertise, Stohr intimately understands how to maximize centrifugal performance and to determine how customers can be best served.

Stohr, a Cincinnati native, joined the Army in 1988 and learned electronic and mechanical repair while working on surface-to-air missile systems. Later Stohr worked as an electrician for Ampac Packaging, an industry leader in creative, flexible packaging. Prior to joining Western States, Stohr served as a field technician for ARKU Coil Systems. ARKU, a global firm founded in 1928, is a pioneer in the engineering and development of roller levelers and press feeding technology.

"Jeff understands first-hand the design and inner workings of our centrifugals. With his dedication and industry experience, he's the consummate problem solver while always serving our customers' best interests," shares Larry Haubner, Western States Director of Sales and Marketing.

About Western States

Western States is the only remaining United States-based sugar centrifuge/centrifugal manufacturer (machines utilized to separate liquids from solids). Brand names include Western States, Roberts Centrifugals, and TITAN. Western States has majority ownership in BIG Tecnología and Colmena in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil. BIG Tecnología and Colmena service the sugar and ethanol industries with engineering, customer support, replacement parts, and equipment rebuild services. Additionally, Western States is a distributor for Riera Nadeu, S.A. located in Barcelona, Spain.

While Western States originated to develop and manufacture improvements for centrifugals in the sugar industry, expansion occurred in 1950 to include centrifuges for non-sugar industries including the separation of fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Since its humble beginnings, Western States has grown to become a global supplier for both the Sugar and Chem/Pharma industries with more than 6,000 centrifugals installed world-wide.

Western States is located at 625 Commerce Center Drive, Fairfield, Ohio U.S.A. and can be reached by telephone +1 513.863.4758; by email innovation@westernstates.com; or via the website at www.westernstates.com.

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