Western States - Quadra Clean CentrifugeThe Quadra-Clean™ is a vertical, bottom discharging centrifuge developed to process high value products in the demanding pharmaceutical, fine chemicals and food industries in accordance with the latest sanitary cGMP requirements. The Quadra-Clean™ features a vibration isolation system using an inertia plate with viscous fluid dampers and solid corner support to provide maximum stability.

Designed specifically to be a fully accessible vertical centrifuge to allow complete inspection, cleaning and maintenance without hard to access areas or blind spots; the Quadra-Clean™ delivers highly dependable continuous and automated separation performance.

Design Features


Western States - Quadra-Clean Bottom Filtering Basket

The Quadra-Clean™ filtering centrifuge utilizes a "flat bottom” basket which can be easily inspected and cleaned. The basket is highly perforated to provide efficient purging of the liquid and provide maximum loading of the high value solid product. All Western States Centrifuge baskets are designed to be the safest in the industry with 2.0 Safety Factor. The internal and external surfaces of the basket’s side sheet are fully machined and parallel. The finished basket seam is fully X-ray inspected and dynamically balanced for optimum performance at 900 plus “G” force.

Discharging System

Western States - Quadra-Clean Monocut

The Quadra-Clean™ filtering centrifuge features a discharge system designed to promote easy and complete recovery of the high value solids. The discharge system employs a steep vertical inclined discharge chute and works in conjunction with the proven and reliable Western States Monocut™ Discharger. The Monocut™ discharger uses a full length plow blade with replaceable cutting tip to remove the product in a single inward (horizontal) motion which is positioned to promote the flow of the solids into the open area of the chute during the discharge cycle. The single in-and-out movement of discharger eliminates the need for vertical seals which can be sources of contamination. A Heel Removal System can be added to assist in the removal of the residual product cake to provide a superior discharge system.

Ease of Maintenance

Western States - Quadra-Clean Easy Maintenance

The Quadra-Clean™ is designed to be easily and quickly maintained. The vertical tapered basket spindle and heavy duty ball and roller bearings are designed for high strength, stability and long life. The bearing canister style bearing assembly can be quickly removed from the top of the centrifuge when maintenance is required. The sealed area between the top of the bearing housing and the bottom of the basket is purged with clean air or inert gas to further extend the bearing life.

Other Available Design Features

The Quadra-Clean™ cover is of fume-tight construction and can be designed as a pressure or vacuum vessel to process a wide range of volatile, explosive or toxic materials. Oxygen sensors are used to confirm inert gas blanketing by assuring the residual oxygen is maintained at a safe level. Additional cover accessories are available including: sight glass, fume vent, various feed and wash pipes and the Quadramatic™ CIP option.

Design Feature Videos

Standard Available Options (Quadra-Clean™ and Quadramatic™)

Materials of Construction

Western States - Quad Teflon Coating

The construction material of each Quadra-Clean™ is chosen to meet the customer’s particular requirements. Baskets and all other components in contact with the product can be provided in any workable metal including: the full range of Stainless Steels, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Duplex Stainless and other exotic metal alloys. Also available are rubber and elastomer linings, plus all the latest protective coatings including HALAR and TEFLON. Surface finishes range from satin bead blast to mechanical polishing to electrochemical polishing to provide a mirror-like finish for the most stringent of sanitary applications. All the internal and external welds will meet or exceed applicable industry standards

Automation & Controls

Western States - Quad Automatic Controls


Western States is a leader in the use of programmable control systems and variable frequency drives for centrifuge automation. We offer a wide range of systems with state-of-the-art components to meet most customer requirements to provide maximum processing flexibility. Operating modes range from fully automatic via a PLC to manual control. A full range of NEMA enclosures and types are available including explosion proof designs rated for Class I, Division I, and Groups C & D Service.

CIP System

Western States - Quad CIP System

The CIP System (Clean in Place) feature is used to clean the centrifuge process zone between batches of a single product or between products. Carefully placed CIP nozzles spray all surfaces with even coverage. As the basket revolves the nozzles saturate the upper surfaces and the lower section is thoroughly flooded to clean all surfaces. The CIP option can be included with any Western States vertical centrifuge to eliminate the risks of cross contamination. The CIP system can be validated via a Riboflavin Test during the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) to demonstrate all the process surfaces are contacted with the cleaning solvent.

Technical Specifications and Principles of Operations

Click to download the Western States Quadra-Clean™ Technical Specifications and Principles of Operations (PDF Format).

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