Roberts G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugals

The Roberts G-16 LINC Batch Centrifugal has many advantages over your existing G-8 style batch centrifuge by incorporating modern components borrowed from the latest technology of the TITAN® Batch Centrifuges. This machine is designed to fit in the structural steel of your existing G-8, effectively cutting the cost of building a new structure, linking the footprint of the past to the technology of today!

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Downward opening spring basket valve which allows for unobstructed sugar discharging

Duplex stainless steel ringless baskets take less time to inspect

D-3 Discharger robust design for minimal sugar loss

Increase capacity of the larger ringless baskets
48x30x7 743 Kg to 50.75x36x8.38 1097 Kg= 48%
48x36x7 889 Kg to 50.75x36x8.38 1097 Kg= 23%
54x40x7 1131 Kg to 54.00x40x9.00 1396 Kg= 23%

Precision paddle load control ensuring accurate and consistent batches

Locally mounted Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC includes built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting

Allen Bradley Panelview Plus Compact 1000 10.4″ color LCD touchscreen displays cycle information, help screens and tracks maintenance hour intervals, maintains alarm logs, and tracks centrifuge perfor­mance information

Completely guarded to meet OSHA standards


900 | 1100 | 1400 | 1600



Up to 48% capacity with larger ringless baskets

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