Roberts i-sERIES cONTINUOUS Centrifugals

The Roberts I-series Continuous Centrifugal is the most productive continuous centrifugal available. Two innovative Western States designs combine to provide maximum throughput with very low final molasses purity: the cast stainless basket with machined annular grooves for large drainage area, and the side feed system with complete massecuite conditioning.

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Why Choose the Roberts I-Series? 

State of the art, centrifugally cast stainless steel basket features larger holes and grooves for superior purging.

Exclusive Side Feed Design for reduced crystal breakage and minimal purity rise. (Center Feed Option available)

Multi-point Internal Suspension for superior vibration isolation and reliability. 

Gentle “guide-rod” Style Massecuite Conditioning System minimizes crystal breakage and limits dissolved sugar. 


Touch Screen Controls with intutivie interface

Simplified Maintenance: 

Faster screen changes

Minimal screen segments

Top accessible bearing housing

Easy access belt tunnel

Download the Roberts I-series Continuous Centrifugal Brouchure


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