Rebuilds & Upgrades

We promise to never obsolete our machines

At Western States, our sole focus is to serve and take care of our clients. It’s for that very reason why we NEVER OBSOLETE any machine. If our clients wish to rebuild or upgrade rather than buy a new machine, we are more than happy to accommodate these wishes. With 6,000 machines located globally, some Western States centrifugals have been in operation for 50 to 60 years.

Mr. Roberts, who founded our company in 1917, established a culture and mindset of clients first. It’s for that reason, we established our NEVER OBSOLETE policy.

By creating the highest quality machine with the longest service life, our centrifugals provide the BEST LONG-TERM VALUE based on tons of sugar produced per hour.

When used equipment is returned for rebuilding or refurbishing, we upgrade the entire unit to the most current manufacturing and safety standards – making it like new.

Upgrades Available:

Batch Machines

  • PBasket Upgrades to Ringless Baskets
  • PVFD and Motor Upgrades
  • PPLC Automation
  • PEnclosed Feeding System
  • PPaddle Style Electronic Load Control

Continuous Machines

  • PNeedle Valve Feed System
  • PSingle Loop Control
  • PMotor Upgrades


Ringless Basket

Enclosed Feeding System

VFD Upgrade Bank

Paddle Style Electronic Load Control

PLC upgrades

CC NEEDLE Valve Sytem

Other Modernizations: 

CC Single Loop Control

CC 100HP Drive Motor

Rebuilds Available:

  • PG-8 Heads
  • PG-8 Brakes
  • PBaskets
  • PGates
  • PDischargers
  • PValve Lifting Forks
  • PTurn Tork Assemblies
  • PBrake Air Cylinders
  • PGate Air Cylinders
  • PLoad Control Assemblies
  • PLoad Control with Servo Assemblies
  • PStraddle Valve Lifter Assemblies


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