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Titan batch centrifugals

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The TITAN Batch Centrifugal is designed to be a low-maintenance, efficient and cost-effective solution while providing a high return on investment for the end-user. Maintenance is reduced by minimizing the number of moving parts and the use of high strength alloys and non-metallic, food grade, components. The latest variable frequency drive technology and PLC controls ensures efficient operation with low power consumption. The TITAN Batch Centrifugal is available in capacities from 1400 kg to 2400 kg.

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Deisgn Features

  • Fully perforated basket with 2205 duplex stainless steel side sheet, 316 stainless steel bottom plate and basket cap for fast, efficient purging, long life and high safety factor
  • Basket dynamically balanced and x-ray inspected
  • Enclosed feed system with anti-drip valve to prevent product contamination
  • Electronic control of the feed valve, with sequenced closing to assure maximum loading each cycle
  • Totally unobstructed, downward opening basket bottom valve
  • Large discharger plow, with spring-loaded tip for efficient unloading and screen protection
  • Compact and efficient variable frequency drive, no encoder required
  • Motor matched to the variable frequency drive for maximum compatibility
  • Full color touch-screen, graphical operator interface with maintenance diagnostics and reminders
  • Grease lubricated bearings
  • Disk brake for emergency stopping
  • Solid state gyration and vibration monitoring
  • Each unit fully tested and inspected before shipping
  • Optional – Syrup separation for molasses classification
  • Conserve energy and water during operation for positive impact on the environment
  • Lowest energy cost per ton of massecuite
  • Largest open area of baskets in the market today for unsurpassed purging
  • PLC controls assure precise control of the centrifugal cycle and efficient operation

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