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Our History

Through the inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of Eugene Roberts, The Western States Machine Company (Western States) was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah, and incorporated April 11, 1917. From its humble beginnings, Western States expanded into foreign sales. By 1920, relationships were established with Cuba, the world’s leading producer of cane sugar. From there, Western States expanded to Canada, Peru, England, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Scotland, Korea and Japan.

As Western States grew in the 20’s and 30’s, centrifugal manufacturing had to be scaled back with the onset of World War II. At which time, Western States was awarded several contracts with the US War Department to build a variety of war-driven supplies. One of these contracts, awarded in 1942, included the development of a centrifugal which contributed to the manufacture of war chemicals – Western States first foray outside the sugar industry.

Our Vision

On September 14, 1950, Eugene Roberts died – ending a 56-year legacy within the sugar industry. However, Roberts’ vision continued to thrive and grow through each of his successors. With the dedication of various leaders over the last 40 years, Western States has had a core group of employees that have unselfishly devoted their careers to the betterment of the company.

Our Mission

Through the constant innovation and embracing the foundational principles established in 1917 – distinguished service, unprecedented quality, and cultivated relationships – Western States offers you a unique and personalized centrifugal experience.


President & CEO

Bob Sinnard
With Western States since 2012

VP International Development

Doug Buckner
With Western States since 2011

Director of Sales & Marketing

Angel Proano
With Western States since 2017


Todd Hershberger
With Western States since 1989

Director of Operations

Scott Kunkel
With Western States since 2006

Director of Engineering

Bill Temple
With Western States since 1997

Human Resource Manager

Celia Cano
With Western States since 2007

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