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We Have Been Making Centrifuges Since 1917

Western States is the world’s leading centrifuge machine manufacturer with centrifuges from the 1950s still in service around the world. Our machines are used in the sugar processing industry to separate the sugar crystals, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for solid – liquid separation, and the botanical industry for extracting cannibinoids.

With more than 6,000 centrifuges installed across two-thirds of the globe, located in 35 plus countries, Western States is a true pioneer and driving force in the design and manufacture of centrifugals for the Sugar, Botanicals, & Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries. No other manufacturer in the industry can claim the same depth and level of expertise. Through state-of-the-art technology, engineering and continuous innovation, we focus on serving our customers’ needs.

Why Choose Centrifuges From Western States?

Superior Customer Service

If you have questions about our centrifuges or need technical support, our customer service team is standing by to help. Our team also offers on-site training and maintenance visits.

Legendary Dependability

With thousands of machines in service globally, our centrifugal machines offer you years of reliable service for your processing needs.

Long-term Value

We integrate innovation into our high-performing machines to ensure the best value for the price. We offer you the highest quality and longest lasting centrifuge for the price today!

Available Centrifuge Models

Below are some of our machines. Click the button below the image to learn more details on the model listed.

Ask About Our 5 Year Warranty On All Baskets

We stand behind every machine we make with our 5 year warranty on all baskets.

Eugene Roberts, the founder of Western States

Our History

Founded in 1917, Western States has expanded its presence into more than 35 countries as centrifugal experts in the Sugar and Chemical/Pharmaceutical industries. With our commitment to bringing the most technologically advanced centrifuges in the market today, Western States is committed to delivering quality products and distinguished service to every aspect of centrifuge installation and upkeep.

From Our Customers

Outstanding Service

“A lot of the things that we like about Western States, is that if we have any issues, they have been very reliable, and responding very fast. They’re here, they’re American made machines, and we take pride in locally made products.”

– Luis Acevedo | Sterling Sugars

You Ask. We Answer.

Get Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Here

The requirements for running centrifuge machines are:

  • Steam Supply: ¾” NPT Saturated Steam @ 15 PSI.
  • Water Supply: ¾” NPT 5 GPM @ 50 PSI 150 TO 210 degree F.
  • Electrical: Varies by machine size
  • Air Supply: ¼” NPT 80 PSI.

We are proud to offer 24/7 emergency service for our customers.

Oil continuously supplies lubrication to the bearings keeping them cool and providing longer life. Grease is thicker & tends to have higher maintenance requirements than oil does.

Yes! Our most commonly used rental unit for testing is our STM-2000. We also rent our SLC-5000 and CLC 5000 for smaller scale projects.

We dipped our toe in the water as early as 2017, however, once our WSB-40 centrifuge was designed in 2019 we saw a large demand for our product in this industry. We have not only expanded our product line but have now begun working with companies

As far as our machines go, absolutely nothing!  Depending on the area of the world you are, or the industry you are in, you will likely hear these machines being referenced as either.  Grammatically, centrifugal is the force or action the centrifuge produces.

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