As a leading expert in solid-liquid separation for over 100 years, Western States has over 6,000 industrial centrifuges installed across the world, mainly in the Sugar and Chem-Pharma industries. Our state-of-the-art, advanced-filtering centrifuges come specifically designed for the demands of both craft and industrial scale businesses; putting us at the forefront of the biomass chemical extraction industry.

Centrifuges For The Cannabis Industry

With the ever-evolving cannabis industry growing at unprecedented rates – as more states rush to legalize it, producers and extractors are in dire need of industrial solutions for their filtration needs. Western States has the perfect history, experience and credentials to fill that need. We have introduced two units specialized for the extraction process in the cannabis industry


Compact, reliable and economical – these centrifuges are the most versatile and cost-effective method for separating solids and liquids; they also offer many advantages over other separation methods. Generating high gravities of separation force, Western States’ Centrifuges can remove most, if not all, unbound moisture. Our centrifuges ensure batch integrity and offer flexibility with highly repeatable results.  Purging, washing and drying time can be varied independently to suit your process requirements, without affecting other variables.

They come equipped with seals designed to operate in solvent, caustic, and acidic environments, as well as extreme low temperature environments.
Moreover, Western States’ centrifuges are rated for class one, division two electrical area classifications.

As the cannabis industry expands, we expand with it. Western States’ centrifuges are proudly manufactured in the USA, and are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

Western States provides premium separation equipment for the cannabis industry; ensuring the success of your extraction operation!

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Designed for extraction

Our Botanical centrifuges are designed for optimal extraction of cannabinoids – capable of running 15 or 40 pounds of material per 10–20-minute cycle*.

Versatile and fast, our centrifuges provide flexibility for users to operate the machine with their own variables of temperature, rotation speed, and retention time, providing individualized control and ease of use!

Superior Technology

  • Basket optimized for long term durability and balance
  • 10–20-minute average cycle times*
  • Up to 15 or 40 lbs. material capacity per cycle

*Actual amount of material per cycle varies per process and material conditions.

Safety & Durability

  • Botanical centrifuges are engineered to be user friendly
  • Material load and unload simplified for use by a single operator

Engineered & Manufactured in the USA

  • All wetted parts are 304L, 316, and 2205 sanitary stainless steel


Basket optimized for long term durability and balance
10-20 minute average cycle times
Up to 40 lbs. material capacity per cycle

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