In most cases, Western States engineers and process people can draw upon their experience and a long list of diverse applications to assist in selecting the right centrifuge for your on-site projects. There are times when empirical testing is the best way to determine centrifuge capacity and design requirements, but our Western States sales team does understand the needs of chemical and pharmaceutical companies looking for decanter centrifuges.

As one of the leading centrifuge manufacturers in the USA, Western States maintains a rental equipment fleet of high-speed STM-2000 Centrifuges. In addition, we also offer small batch type and continuous type decanter centrifuge rentals for use in a customer’s facility. Our range of centrifuges leverages the largest advancements in Western States’ centrifuge technology while providing clients the flexibility they need for their short-term projects within their rental period. With technical support available through our services team, you can rest assured that you will receive top-quality service with your centrifuge rental.

If you are interested in a rental centrifuge, please contact us today for more information.



Western States WSB-15 Botanical Centrifuge

SLC- 5000

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