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Below is a list of white papers for both the Sugar and Chem/Pharma Industries

Operate Your Filtering Centrifuges Trouble Free

Centrifuges isolate solids from liquids, or separate one liquid from another. They bring about the settling of a heavy phase out of a light phase, or the filtration of suspended solids from a liquid, by magnifying the forces of gravity. Although centrifuge usage is widespread, there are many misconceptions as to proper operation and maintenance of this equipment.

High Efficiency Continuous Centrifugals Used in “A” Massecuite

The use of high performance, high throughput continuous centrifuges is a viable option to process “A” massecuite and then re-melt the sugar in the centrifuge to feed a refinery, as successfully demonstrated at the San Cristobal Mill in Mexico. This was accomplished by adding new engineered components to standard design continuous centrifuges enabling 5 specially equipped machines to successfully replace a larger battery of 26 older batch centrifuges.

M 18. Advances in Head Design for Large Suspended Batch Centrifugals

A presentation, entitled “An Investigation of the Vibration Characteristics and Unbalance Tolerance of Large (1500+) Suspended Batch Fugals”, was made at a workshop at the 2012 ASSCT conference. The material presented was insightful and demonstrated the need for improvements in the design of these centrifugals and the supporting structure.

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