Cannabis Market Legalization Around the Globe: Trends and the Impact on the Centrifuge Manufacturing Industry

The global cannabis market has experienced a remarkable shift in recent years as an increasing number of countries recognize the potential benefits of legalizing cannabis. This shift has not only created new opportunities for cannabis producers and extractors but has also had a significant impact on related processing industries. One such industry is centrifuge manufacturing, … Read more

The Best Centrifuge Machines for Different Applications

External view of Western States Titan batch centrifuge operated by an employee with safety harness on.

Western States works closely with customers to build chemical and pharmaceutical grade centrifuges.  We custom design each centrifuge to match the customer’s application, whether it is needed for product research, sample creation, or any scale production. Our filtering centrifuges are designed to meet customer process, operator, electrical, cleaning, maintenance and commercial requirement standards. Our centrifuges have … Read more

The Roberts G-16 LINC Machine Saves Your Company Money

Efficiency should never come at the cost of a downgrade—the Roberts G-16 LINC Machine compounds on previous designs to bring a powerful new addition to factories everywhere. With new integrated display technology and a dedication to easy installation, the G-16 offers unique upgrades with familiar functionality to improve efficiency without the cost of complex factory … Read more

Best Practices for Continuous Centrifugals in the Sugar Industry

Western States Roberts I-Series continous centrifuge external view

Western States is proud to have been a leading manufacturer of continuous centrifuges for the sugar industry for over 100 years. In that time, machine efficiency and “best in class” standards have risen alongside consumer demand. Western States exceeds these standards and shares best practices for optimizing sugar production from continuous centrifuges. Western States is … Read more

Understanding the Importance of Customer Service in the Manufacturing Industry

Western States Headquarters external aerial view

Typically, when a person thinks of customer service, the manufacturing industry probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Although manufacturing companies have focused solely on the product and its fabrication, it’s becoming increasingly important to put the spotlight on customer satisfaction “as a new performance driver”.  Did you know that acquiring a new … Read more

Cost-Effective Ethanol Extraction with the Industry Leading Botanical Extractors

What is a Botanical Extraction Machine within the Cannabis Industry? A botanical extraction machine, or centrifuge, is a piece of ethanol extraction equipment utilized heavily in the first step of the ethanol cannabinoid extraction process. After the separation of the plant material, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and ethanol must be removed and filtered out. In a … Read more

Centrifuges For Cannabis Extraction

What is Cannabis Extraction Cannabis extraction is the process of removing cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and Terpenes from cannabis plants. These cannabinoids are refined to produce a wide range of cannabis and THC products for medical and recreational use. With a projected market size of $22 Billion, cannabis stands to be one of the … Read more


Western States sugar nutritional facts

An unassuming pile of sugar has a deep and storied history behind it. From its origins, as sugar cane chewed for its sweetness in 8000 BCE Papua New Guinea to its more modern applications as a refined sweetener, sugar has made an impact on the global trade and lifestyles since the very beginning. Sugar has a history … Read more


Western States Machine Company would like to take the time to commend Ángel Proaño, our Director of Sales and Marketing, for his interview with The Business Year. His input on the cannabis industry, one of the fastest-growing markets, was insightful and well-grounded in Western States’ mission moving forward.  Read all about Ángel’s comments on Western … Read more


Western States cane sugar in its processed and refined form (white and brown)

From Mai Tais to Mojitos, nothing transports you to the tropics quicker than a rum cocktail. Many people can list off their favorite rum-based beverages, but only a few can cite its history, or have any idea of the journey their rum has been on to find itself in their refreshment. History of Rum in … Read more

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