STM-3000 centrifuge


The Western States STM-3000 Top-Unloading Vertical Basket Centrifuge is the ideal solution for small scale processing. The STM-3000 is available with two different baskets: perforated and solid decanting. The perforated, stainless steel basket is available with an optional removable cap for easy bag removal. The solid decanting basket, fully machined and dynamically balanced, can also be equipped with a skimmer siphoning tube.

The STM-3000 comes standard with an easy, full opening, gas, spring assisted curb top to access and remove filter screens and bags; as well as visual inspection of the centrifuge chamber. With a welded stainless steel base and heavy-duty casters, the STM-3000 is designed for easy sanitary clean-up and maneuvering.

Additionally, units come with a large 6 inch diameter curb top sight glass. With a 500 pound capacity, the manual winch provides easy extraction of filter bags and basket change outs. Motor and controls consist of variable frequency drive, start/stop buttons, speed potentiometer and digital RPM display mounted in an explosion proof NEMA 7/9 control panel.

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  • Perforated Basket: 316 Stainless Steel, dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 G.6.3 standard or better. Fully machined. Options available: Removable cap for easy bag removal
  • Solid Decanting Basket: 316 Stainless Steel, fully machined and dynamically balanced. Options available: skimmer siphoning tube
  • Easy, Full Opening, Gas Spring Assisted Curb Top, for accessing the removal of filter screens, filter bags and visual inspection of centrifuge chamber
  • Large 6” Diameter curb top sight glass
  • Welded Stainless Steel Base, designed for sanitary clean-up, with large heavy duty casters for easy maneuvering
  • Base Mounted stainless Steel Davit Crane, 500# capacity, manual hand winch, 360° rotation for easy extraction of filter bags and basket change outs

The STM-3000 Top-Unloading Vertical Basket Centrifuge is the Ideal Solution for Your Small Scale Processing!


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