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What is a Botanical Extraction Machine within the Cannabis Industry?

A botanical extraction machine, or centrifuge, is a piece of ethanol extraction equipment utilized heavily in the first step of the ethanol cannabinoid extraction process. After the separation of the plant material, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and ethanol must be removed and filtered out. In a large-scale outfit, where high-quality filtration is required and the cost is top of mind, a botanical centrifuge is used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes in the biomass with the chilled ethanol slurry, then later in the process separated to recover the ethanol used in the process. The extraction systems used in this process are often centrifuges rotating at upwards of 1500 rpm. A botanical extractor is a key piece of equipment in the ethanol extraction process and helps manufacturers create potent and high-quality medical CBD, THC, wax, and concentrates with a minimization to cost.

What is Ethanol Extraction?

Ethanol extraction is a growing practice with a stable history behind it. Ethanol extraction has been used in other industries for over 100 years now, but the cannabis industry adopted it as early as the 1970s.

Ethanol extraction for cannabis industries is the practice of mixing ethanol and cannabis plant masses in a large chamber to extract the terpenes and cannabinoids. First, the cannabis plant matter is flooded with chilled ethanol and given time to soak. This allows the ethanol to turn the cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils soluble through a chemical reaction. Then, the ethanol, cannabinoid, and terpene slurry are drained from the plant matter through various methods. In large-scale productions, the slurry is filtered with a centrifuge until the cannabinoids and terpenes are completely removed from the plant mass. After thorough centrifugation, the mixture is sent to a filtration process. Machines are then used to recover the separated ethanol for reuse. The separated cannabinoids and terpenes are sent on to the process of decarboxylation.

Why choose ethanol extraction over CO2 or BHO?

Ethanol extraction, currently, is the easiest way to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis plant matter with the lowest costs and risks of failure. It is also extremely scalable working incredibly well with both large-scale outfits and smaller boutique extraction outfits. It has an overall efficiency rate of over 90% and is customizable to produce the purity and quantity desired. It is the most cost-effective method of cannabis extraction. Botanical Centrifuge systems from Western States, like the WSB-15 and WSB-40, provide a lower start-up cost, are more efficient, are easier to operate, and draw out more cannabinoids and terpenes.

Western States Botanical Extraction Machines Benefits

Our centrifuges can be integrated with different ethanol extraction systems and boast an incredible performance rate due to our in-house manufacturing of machine parts and experience with centrifuges. With methods such as carbon and co2 extraction costing more money and even tighter specialized machines, Western States is dedicated to creating long-lasting and robust machinery that provides long-term value. In the event that our machinery doesn’t last as long as you’d like, Western States is capable of swiftly replacing faulty parts and even upgrading machines that have worked past their prime.

Why Western States?

Each machine Western States produces comes with a reliability guarantee. Not only do our machines function within the maximum and minimum bounds of the solvent extraction method utilized, but our machines are also specialized to maximize the quality of cannabinoids extracted through ethanol extraction. Because of the nature of ethanol extraction, each WSB machine is coated with external and internal stainless steel surfaces with a 39 Ra, or better (Electropolish optional), to prevent corrosion from ethanol. Each machine is treated to be part of a high-speed efficient ethanol extraction system generating a 900 G separation force. With solvent recovery a top priority for many companies, the WSB-15 and WSB-40 are outfitted to withstand up to -40 degrees F and have a maximum temperature of 105 degrees F.

Western States machines are made with over 100 years of experience in extraction industries. This will positively impact your bottom line by providing quality engineered, manufactured, and tested equipment which will save your company valuable time and resources and create valuable automation opportunities. By ensuring we provide the best solution for your business as well as the best service we will be able to minimize downtime and optimize your potential productivity.

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