Centrifuges For Cannabis Extraction

What is Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extraction is the process of removing cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and Terpenes from cannabis plants. These cannabinoids are refined to produce a wide range of cannabis and THC products for medical and recreational use.

With a projected market size of $22 Billion, cannabis stands to be one of the largest industries to emerge over the next several years. And with this kind of growth, companies need faster and more reliable extraction machines to keep up with consumer demand.

Process of Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extraction can be broken down into three distinct steps: ethanol extraction, centrifugation, and winterization.

Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction boasts the highest extraction success rate and is considered one of the safest methods. To begin the process, cannabis biomass is inserted into the ethanol extraction apparatus before having a chilled ethanol solvent pumped into the biomass to create a chemical reaction. This process extracts cannabinoids and terpenes from the biomass, extracting a higher concentration of cannabis molecules than any other method.

Ethanol extraction, while safe, requires machines able to withstand consistent ethanol treatment. This is why many manufacturers use stainless steel cannabis processing equipment.


Filtration begins with centrifugation, a process that separates solid biomass from chemicals and solvents. Centrifugation increases the clarity, potency, and overall quality of extracted oil. 

Western States’ cannabis processing equipment is made of stainless steel with an internal fluid jacket to ensure the highest quality centrifugation and the least amount of lost material. The internal finish has an RA rating of 32 or lower, with the external finish reaching 39 or lower. Western States botanical centrifuges, or WSB, come in two batch sizes: 15 pounds or 40 pounds, referring to maximum biomass batch capacity.


After centrifugation of the biomass, soluble waxes and lipids are brought down to chilled temperatures to help non-solubility. By solidifying the wax and lipids, the cannabis oil can be extracted in more controlled doses and with higher purity. Centrifugation may then be repeated with low-temperature extraction equipment before final distillation takes place.

Western States’ Centrifuges for Cannabis Extraction

Western States centrifuges are built to withstand a constant load of cannabis biomass.  Both machines have a 98% cannabinoid removal rate and a stainless steel finish due to the material’s high resistance to corrosion and relative ductile strength.

Each filter centrifuge is compact and reliable with an economic price tag to match. The WSB-15 and WSB-40 series offer flexible, repeatable results with variable high speeds. Both the WSB-15 and the WSB-40 are single-operator centrifuges and come equipped with solvent, caustic, and acidic seals designed to preserve the integrity of both product and machine. Each machine is proudly assembled in the USA and is rated class one, division two electrical area classifications.

Cannabinoid extraction is a rapidly growing industry with many manufacturers struggling to find powerful and dependable centrifuge solutions. Western States has the extraction centrifuge equipment to create an efficient and reliable plant floor for every manufacturer. Between the WSB-15 and WSB-40, Western States botanical centrifuges offer ideal solutions to meet the demands of cannabinoid extraction. As the leading expert in centrifuge manufacturing for the last 100 years, Western States is ready to support the cannabis industry with extraction centrifuge machines. Contact us to learn more about our botanical centrifuge machines today.

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