CLC-5000 Centrifuge

CLC-5000 Centrifuge

The CLC-5000 centrifuge features a fully viewable processing area, portability, powerful and adjustable basket speed, and 2,130 gravities of separation force.  Minimize the time and labor of your skilled professionals by using the CLC-5000 for your separation needs! 

The CLC-5000 offers versatility enhanced by the tool-less basket removal. The basket is held in by a supermagnet.  Lift the basket from the machine,  carry to your workbench, and recover all of the retained solids. The removable basket also allows for easy cleaning or sterilizing of the basket.   The CLC-5000 will leave you with clarified liquid, dry solid cake, and greater control of the separation environment.  

Chem/Pharma Machines

Standard Design Features

Fully Viewable Processing Area
Adjustable Basket Speed
Up to 2,130g’s of Separation Force
Toolless Basket Removal

More information in the Chem/Pharma Products Section.

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SLC-5000 Centrifuge machine – also available. Call for more information.


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