Cost-Effective Ethanol Extraction with the Industry Leading Botanical Extractors

What is a Botanical Extraction Machine within the Cannabis Industry? A botanical extraction machine, or centrifuge, is a piece of ethanol extraction equipment utilized heavily in the first step of the ethanol cannabinoid extraction process. After the separation of the plant material, the cannabinoids, terpenes, and ethanol must be removed and filtered out. In a … Read more

Centrifuges For Cannabis Extraction

What is Cannabis Extraction Cannabis extraction is the process of removing cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and Terpenes from cannabis plants. These cannabinoids are refined to produce a wide range of cannabis and THC products for medical and recreational use. With a projected market size of $22 Billion, cannabis stands to be one of the … Read more


Western States sugar nutritional facts

An unassuming pile of sugar has a deep and storied history behind it. From its origins, as sugar cane chewed for its sweetness in 8000 BCE Papua New Guinea to its more modern applications as a refined sweetener, sugar has made an impact on the global trade and lifestyles since the very beginning. Sugar has a history … Read more

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